Three Public Relations Tips for 2014

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So the holidays are here and just around the corner is the New Year, 2014. Can you believe that 2013 is almost already over? Every year, there are certain trends and perks of the business that is franchise public relations that change. With that being said, here are 3 tips for the new year that is just about here.

Let the devoted followers help you. This does not mean you should go on a big hiring spree; rather, let the people who are your devoted followers of your company (whether you sell products, services, ideas, etc.) help you gain publicity by bragging about you. The people who are already in love with your company and would do anything for it are the very people you want to do your word of mouth (WOM) publicity. These are the people who will talk about you online, social media (a very potent source of talk), in person to other people. This is one of the biggest and best ways to promote your company because people believe other people over any media or ads.

If you want to really rock this method, then you will also want to show some love right back to the beloved followers. Mention that you love your followers on social media or give them a more tangible gift like deals or something of the like. In franchise PR we find this does indeed work!

Monitor the talk about your brand. This one should always be done, as has been on the trends for a while now; however, in 2014, it seems like there will be a new twist: monitoring the talk while giving up a bit of control. Companies will realise that their publicity is part controlled by them and part controlled by the public. Companies can only do so much to control the publicity that is out there about their company. As many franchise public relations firms will tell you, people will talk about a company in both good and bad ways no matter what; you can just monitor it and do your best to make sure it does not get too overwhelming.

Being smarter by using data. Many people in the franchise PR industry joke about not being good with math & thus is why we got into communications; however, this will be changing. To successfully do PR, we have to know about how to use numbers and analyze them to monitor success.