7 Marketing Trends for 2014

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Marketing campaigns and information dissemination are continuing to evolve from print media to online trends. And similar, there continues to be a shift from offline communication technologies to inbound ones.


Businesses are finding more and more success with content and original publishing channels online than with advertisements within content. Additional tactics include magnifying brand recognition and taking advantage of audience growth.

2014 Trends

1. Content marketing is a huge industry. Companies advertise and gain consumer trust by creating valuable content through different channels. This takes into consideration industry information that gives greater insight and entertainment to audiences. A company can build rapport with its demographic market and create a loyal following. Using content marketing in social media on websites, blogs, as comments, in emails plus videos and more often provides opportunities for company and high brand recognition.

2. Social media networks will continue be huge in 2014. New social media (sm) sites are popping up all the time and if a company is not listed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or other popular sm network, their audience will more than likely dwindle. Thus using social media in 2014 to build audiences across different platforms is wise. Diversify and watch your marketing efforts skyrocket.

3. Content must be easily and quickly recognizable. When looking at social media sites or any other content use images. Successful blog posts that receive the most audience participation have well-placed pictures to break up content and emphasize products and services. Use infographics that combine images with a bit of text to explain a topic or give statistical information.

4. Simple is better; less is more. This is the trend of 2014. Simplistic marketing messages and recognizable logos are the key to online marketing. Don’t burn out your audience by constantly barraging them with advertisements and content that is irrelevant, boring or non-productive. Consumers today want to look at what you have in about ten seconds and move on to something else.

5. The growing use of smartphones requires that you have apps and online marketing adaptable to smartphone and tablet use. By 2017, it is predicted that 87% of cellular phone use will be via smartphones. Provide a marketing experience that can be easily used through smartphones.

6. Redirected and targeted ads will be a huge online marketing trend in 2014. Retargeting works by using browser cookies to track websites that are user friendly. Once you leave a certain site, the product you saw on that site will be shown to you on another site. In other words, follow your costumers around to all his/her sites

7. SEO (search engine optimization) will continue to be used in online marketing and play a very important role in search ranking in 2014. Providing users with the best and most relevant content is what makes Google run. Share good, targeted content, and the higher ranked a website will be. Also keep in mind that top ranking search results often connect to social shares.

In summary, top marketing trends for 2014 include using social media sites. Learn how to post, evaluate likes and gain more customers. Provide apps for smartphones. Use your company’s logo and keep it simple. Make your content relevant and interesting. And keep things on the up-an-up, and marketing your product with insight. You will gain trust and your brand will be recognized.