4 Ways to Make Your Start-Up Look Professional

When you are starting a business, it is best to start small and keep your overheads down. However, it can be difficult to attract clients if your company doesn’t have the right image. Clients are taking a chance by using you because you are less established than your competition. If you want to level the […]

Your Website – An Investment Or An Expense?

When people think about websites, the first thing that comes to mind is how much they will be spending. But that is just the half-truth. Building a website will cost you money, no doubt. However, spending on your website is an investment that can bring great returns. When spending on a website, spend because you […]

Onsite SEO: Mistakes to Avoid!

Every business wants to get their website to the top of Google. This move can be the game-changer – securing the top spot on Google will boost your click-through rates, leads, and ultimately sales. But achieving this feat is increasingly difficult, considering everyone wants the same spot. While everyone cannot be at the top, getting […]

The Power Of Video Marketing.

Studies have shown that in the near future the number of people using smartphones and gaining access to the internet will greatly increase.  If you are not promoting your products or services using video, you are leaving massive traffic on the table.  Statistics have shown that at least 75% of traffic to websites is coming […]

Branding as an Emotional Experience

Have you watched a Coca-Cola ad lately? You probably have – they are everywhere. Maybe you saw animated polar bears sliding through the snow, smiling and sharing a Coke. Maybe it was college freshmen making friends over the Coke bottle that can’t be opened by one person. Maybe it was friends sitting on a stoop […]

Should You Hire An Agency or In-House for Your Marketing Campaigns?

As you are probably aware, a strong digital marketing strategy is critical as it will make or break the success of your business.  When you are thinking ahead to the next financial year, you might question whether your business plan should be outsourced to an experienced agency or use In House Marketing for your business. […]

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