Your SMB Needs an SEO Marketing Strategy


You’re devoting hard work and long hours to the success of your small- to medium-sized business (SMB). You’ve carefully analyzed your situation as a a SMB owner and realized that your business is much more likely to grow and flourish when it is well marketed. Without an Internet presence, your business is, for all practical purposes, invisible.

A properly implemented search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy can enable an SMB to reach the approximately 2.4 billion people across the globe who use the Internet to purchase goods and services. In North America alone, 78.6 percent of the population regularly goes online.

You Want Your Business to Grow

Basically, an Internet presence (also called online visibility) refers to the ease and speed with which consumers find a business and its products or services after an Internet search. It also considers the level of your business’s brand recognition created online.

SMBs often struggle with the issue of satisfactory visibility on the Internet. Some SMB owners delude themselves that they can’t afford to hire search engine optimization marketers or writers. They don’t realize that when they invest in quality SEO they’re investing in the long-term success of their business.

What About Social Media and SMB Online Visibility?

SMB owners and experts agree that any successful SMB starts by bolstering their Internet presence via social media along with SEO marketing. An SMB determined to succeed depends on both marketing platforms to gain a competitive edge.

An effective SEO marketing strategy may be somewhat costly. A well-managed search engine optimization marketing strategy can boost an SMB’s online visibility, which promotes initial success, growth and stability.

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