The Power Of Video Marketing.

Studies have shown that in the near future the number of people using smartphones and gaining access to the internet will greatly increase.  If you are not promoting your products or services [...]

Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Social media helps businesses connect with consumers, but it can also help businesses grow. While many business have a Facebook, Twitter, or Linked accounts, many don’t utilize it as well [...]

The importance of retaining your visitors

Most people make the mistake of focusing on visitors, when emphasis should be given on retention and bounce rates. These terms may seem alien to you, but if you are looking to improve upon your [...]

Why a Small Business Needs a Customer Engagement Strategy

In the early months after a small business is launched some owners have a tendency to place all focus on attracting new customers and give little or no effort into developing customer loyalty. [...]

8 Twitter Tricks That Bring in Business

Twitter gives you one hundred and forty characters to make an impression – not a lot! Many businesses make simple mistakes that cost them significantly in customer engagement and retention. [...]

Learn to Think on Paper

The very act of putting your ideas on paper forces you to think. I take advantage of this practice constantly. Every morning, I get up before dawn and drink coffee while I write my ideas out on [...]

7 Marketing Trends for 2014

Marketing campaigns and information dissemination are continuing to evolve from print media to online trends. And similar, there continues to be a shift from offline communication technologies to [...]

Three Public Relations Tips for 2014

So the holidays are here and just around the corner is the New Year, 2014. Can you believe that 2013 is almost already over? Every year, there are certain trends and perks of the business that is [...]

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