Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

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In recent years, Google has really worked on improving the function of its search algorithms to offer maximum benefit to the users. The new Hummingbird update has entirely changed the SEO game.

Earlier SEO firms focused on acquiring the numerous backlinks. However, with the inception of Penguin as well as Panda a new trend of presenting the relevant information to users started. With Hummingbird, the focus is entirely on presenting quality websites that contain pertinent information as entered by users in the search box.

There’s no doubt that the Panda & Penguin changes were effective, but they were nothing but improved versions of the previous algorithms. Hummingbird is a totally new algorithm and it is the best overhaul for Google’s standing as the worlds best search engine. In fact this novel search method has been around since a few weeks and some SEO experts may seem edgy about it. So, if the ranking of your website has been steady for some time then there are chances that your website will surge ahead and is in compliance with this new algorithm.

Evaluating phrases for better results

Hummingbird uses a totally new approach to locate the information sought by the users. Earlier, Google presented the information to the users by focusing on the keywords entered in search tool. But, this new algorithm follows a new approach by evaluating the whole message entered in the search query to present the results in a better way. Instead of focusing on individual keywords, Hummingbird catches the entire phrase and evaluates it. This is probably the best way for Google to have a better understanding about what people are trying to find in websites. If search results are optimum then it will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Google is seeking and experimenting with new ways to generate better results for its users worldwide. The prospect and the impact of Hummingbird on SEO is a topic to be watched out for. Those websites which have already adapted to this sort of change are truly following the right path. The websites equipped with proper marketing and containing the right and relevant information as sought by the users will always find a top spot. This method attracted lot of attention particularly after Panda as well as Penguin algorithms didn’t incorporate this change.

Ways to enhance SEO will be a much debated and a hot topic in the Internet arena after the inception of this new algorithm. However, irrespective of what happens, one thing is clear that Google don’t want to compromise with the quality of the content which is provided to the users. That means you’ll be benefited by this algorithm if your aim is to reach out to the real audience with high quality content.

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