Is Your Website Designed For Conversion?

 In Web Design

Many people forget that visitors frequent sites that they are comfortable navigating and not just flashy ones loaded with graphics. If your website succeeds in getting constant responses from visitors, it then has a successful conversion rate. If not, it’s time to brush up your marketing skills and review your website’s design flaws. Your website conversion does not include only sales; it also includes enquiries, feedback and subscriptions.


Know your crowd
Every product/service has a target audience. Now design your website for your target audience and not for yourself or the web designer. Your visitors should be able to relate to the website if they want to buy your products.

Clarity and brevity
They usually go hand in hand to make understanding easier. Your links should state exactly where they are taking the visitor. Nobody likes running around in circles. Pause and think like your user at every page and link. If you feel the user ‘should be able to figure it out’, then changes are probably in order. Brevity is the key to keeping your visitor’s attention, so avoid rambling descriptions of your product and stick to the essentials.

Make payment easier in every way
You’ve been quite successful in your design if you got the customer to make it to the counter. But many websites manage to lose their customer even there. It simply goes to prove that most customers would like to move on fast. So avoid gathering pages of personal information and feedback and get right to the point. You can offer various modes of payment as well to encourage customers who are not comfortable using their credit cards.

More information
Knowing more about you will help your customer trust you. Providing an office address instead of a P.O. box number can certainly gain their trust. A phone number for enquiries will also help. Make sure you list your timings as well to avoid disappointing any callers.

Be honest
Answer enquiries via emails and telephone calls honestly and directly instead of hiding behind company policies and offering murky explanations. If you do not have sufficient stock for a large order, then say so. Do not assure your customer that he can get the rest after a week’s time if it is not possible.

Offer unique experiences
Is there something novel about your services that could keep your customers coming back for more? For instance, you can show a selection of gift wrapping options if your customer wants to have a gift delivered. It’s is simply no good to have a website that just looks great and is equipped with latest shopping cart, it has to sell and make buying seem easy. If you get your conversion right, your website could show a better turnover than your store.


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