WordPress – The Best Solution for Your Website

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As of September 2012, 60 million websites use WordPress. According to a report released by Alexa.com, 22 percent of the top one million websites are on WordPpress.

Judging by these trends, WordPress has definitely created a strong niche for itself in the web arena. This platform could be the best solution for your website as well. The fact that it is open source and has a huge community of developers who are constantly working to improve it makes wordpress an affordable and continuously evolving platform.

Easy content management
Wordpress is the best website building platform for you if you do not understand the technicalities involved in loading content and images onto static HTML web pages. With simplified content management, WordPress has made every website owner capable of managing his website.

Additionally, WordPress offers multi-user access. So, all you have to do is assign a login id and a password to your team members and they can upload, edit and change content on the site from anywhere in the world.

Secure & Futureproof
Wordpress versions, features and security are all available periodically to update through the admin, meaning you never have to change the system in future. This means you will never be left behind with a dated system and your site is totally future proof as well as secure. Bespoke CMS systems and some other open source systems such as Joomla require to have the system replaced every few years which can not only be expensive but awkward with regards to your sites design and growth.

It’s too easy to get stuck with a bespoke CMS built by a web designer, and be tied to that provider when they could either disappear or start taking your eyes out. It’s also fairly impossible for any individual company to provide a bespoke CMS of the same quality, functionality or security as WordPress is built by hundreds of developers worldwide. The real value of it cannot be guesstimated.

Quick and easy website building
Wordpress simplifies the process of building a website. This ensures that your website goes live sooner. In fact, if you choose a ready made template for your website, it can go live within minutes.

At the same time, WordPress comes with a multitude of custom options that appeal to advanced developers. This sort of flexibility makes WordPress very desirable as a web development platform.

What’s more, websites built on this platform look totally professional. This ensures that you don’t compromise on the quality of your website.

Great functionality
Wordpress is extremely functional. You can integrate your wordpress website with a huge number of plugins, widgets, applications as well as social networks. You get a blog as well. These additions make your site very interactive, user friendly and engaging.

You can make use of apps that help you analyse the website and gauge visitors’ response.

Since it is a constantly evolving platform, you can upgrade your website and enhance it regularly. With this kind of functionality, wordpress is a future ready web design platform. You cannot find another option that is so affordable and yet offers so many features.

If your website is not SEO friendly, you better not have a website at all. WordPress offers a number of on-page SEO features. Plugins such as All in One SEO can be integrated with the website.

You can also enable H1 and H2 tags. Keyword tagging system on wordpress is advanced and extremely friendly towards search engine spiders.

With such functionality, you cannot deny that a WordPress based CMS website is the best solution for your business.

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