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Looking for WordPress design & customisation?

WordPress has fast become the most widely used and flexible open source web platform. Far from it’s beginnings as a blogging platform, it is now used as a content management system on hundreds of thousands of sites.

The reasons for using WordPress as opposed to a bespoke build are profound and are based in leveraging community development. Suppose you want a website with some kind of functionality such as a directory or community, you could be looking at development costs of over 15K conservatively. If your budget does not stretch that far then you have the option of looking at commercial off the shelf solutions of open source development platforms such as WordPress. The beauty of wordpress is that it’s constantly eveloving and it doesn’t tie you to the provider.

It’s surely a selling piont for any car that you wont have to take it back to the same main dealer when you need things fixed, likewise for websites! Although we certainly want to look after and host your site for you, creating long term relationshis with clients is our goal, buyers should beware of providers tying them in with their ‘bespoke’ platforms that cost whatever they deem to develop further. Open source and WordPress ultimately offers you freedom, freedom from extortion!

WordPress templates are now at the cutting edge of web design and can be purchased for very small costs cosidering the amount of design & development that has gone into them. These templates can be customised, the front end html & css tailored to your brand or projects needs completely so that the site becomes your own.  If your site requires additional functionality to the default blogging and paging CMS system then we can find or build plug ins available and skin those to your brand as well.

If you are looking for an agency to facilitate a wordpress installation and customise a template then we would love to help you.

Take a look at our web portfolio, most of our sites are based on WordPress & Joomla customisations.

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