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Mesma is an online application that helps the learning & skills sector compile their Self Assessment Report.

They recently asked us to evolve their Brand, redesign their Sales Website & Marketing Materials as it was time for Mesma to ‘grow up’ from the start up of 5 years ago, and for the brand to reflect their position. We took a close look at the competition and worked with their team to understand the current situation and direction to market required, evolving the brand to address issues and project more maturity and integrity.

We developed a dynamic content managed site with ecommerce facilities for their payment plan structure. The site is built to funnel targeted visitors through SEO and lead them to pages that talk to them directly regarding their specific education standard. With a strong pitch on each marketing page centred around Success Stories and drumming home the simplicity of use, eventually leading to calls to action, the site is fully geared up to for high retention and conversion rates.

The site is fully responsive scaling to all size screens and mobile devices whilst retaining readability and functionality.

We’ve also produced various design for print including various leaflets, stationary and roller banners.


Mesma Ltd.


Web Design & Development

Louise Doyle, Director.

EDOT3 have surpassed our expectations in producing our brand, it’s perfect and we love the Mez brand character. It’s a difficult job promoting to our sector and I honestly believe that no other design agency could have developed our brand so well, the team at edot have clearly gained a clear understanding of our marketing needs. The website goes a step further to communicate the message of the brand, it’s a great piece of marketing collateral that I have no doubt has helped make Mesma a success. Edot3 have gone several extra miles for us and we continue to work with them on marketing projects, on and offline.

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