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Branding, Responsive Website Design & Development, Graphic & Social Media Design for a leading North East Search Marketing agency.

Exposure Publishing are a leading SEO specialist company based in Newcastle. We worked closely with director Jason Squires throughout the rebranding process to achieve a new direction and look for the company.

The new brand required to be a lot more memorable with a serious modern design edge to set them apart from local competition and compete at national level. We produced a range of brand concepts and the strongest idea was chosen, to use the O in Exposure as the identifiable mark by creating a magnifying glass with the ‘i’ in ‘Publishing’ as the handle. This then progressed to using the glass as an ‘eye’ (Signifying keeping an eye on, as well as search marketing). Although the magnifying glass is an over used and now traditional way to signify SEO in general, we agreed in this case it was especially justified.

A responsive website with CMS and other marketing materials were also designed, which evolved the brand further with the use of bright multicoured images (red, yellow, blue & green now associated with search courtesy of Google) representing different services.


Exposure Publishing


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Jason Squires, Director

The brand ideas that EDOT3 came up with were all excellent, we are now very confident we have the best branding possible. Our new brand is now solid, professional and above all memorable. The website is especially stunning and the edot team are great to work with.