The Time Is… Now!

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Mobile internet is now well in excess of desktop use (over 60%).

Let’s think about that for a moment…

Plus recently, Google changed it’s algorithm to make mobile friendly sites appear higher in searches and those that aren’t lower (and certainly not on first page results).

Now let’s ponder both of these facts for a moment.

Ok so the conclusion I come to, I’m sure you will agree is that this year really is the time to get a site that is responsive to mobile devices (if you have one already feel free to stop reading!).

In case you don’t know, ‘a responsive website’ isn’t one that answers you back each time you visit it.

What we mean when we use the term ‘responsive’ is a site that changes its appearance and layout according to the users’ device. The days of desktop users dominating the virtual world are pretty much over. Today, laptops, tablets and mobile devices dominate. Screen sizes and design requirements come in all shapes and sizes and responsive design allows your site to detect the device and present the most ‘user-friendly’ layout.

A responsive website is one that looks good across all devices and keeps its’ visitors happy! So what are the benefits of responsive design to you and your company?

•    More Search Traffic – Google announce a mobile specific update to its algorithm in April 2015. While many suspected mobile friendly sites were already being favoured in SERPS – the update made it official; if your website isn’t mobile-friendly it won’t show in mobile search results. Ooch!
•    Social Traffic – Content from a responsive site can be easily shared when a website visitor decides to tell their friends about your product or service. This in turn can result in better SEO as Google values user experience as a ranking factor. Shares, comments, likes and time on page all play a part in ranking your website ahead of the competition.
•    Better Brand Awareness – Your site will be seen across all devices, creating greater exposure and an ongoing increase in brand awareness. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you because their site can be seen across all devices and yours cannot!
•    Happy Customers – let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a site that doesn’t display correctly. It’s frustrating for people to have to scroll and all directions to read your content. The reality is that most won’t. They’ll simply click away and find a site that’s easy to use.
•    Increased Sales – more traffic will result in more sales. It’s that simple! (well, not quite).

Sales are becoming harder and harder to make online. We know from research carried out in recent years, that customers don’t buy from the first exposure. They look for social proof and validation. They research the company and look for reviews before making a purchase. They look for every reason NOT to buy from you before they will spend a single penny with your company.

Don’t give them an excuse. The time is NOW for a responsive website and you should view it as a solid future-proof marketing investment. Otherwise the reality is every month that passes entails lost opportunities, and your competition will more than likely be getting well ahead of you…

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