The High Cost of Low Quality Branding

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Converting your product or service into a brand is sure to give your business the recognition it needs. A suitable logo design can take things further. Some of the biggest companies and businesses rely on their logos to represent them in the market. And it is not without reason. If your current logo and branding are not doing the trick, rebranding may be your solution.


What is branding and rebranding?
Branding is lending your product or service a little bit of your company’s personality. It helps your products and services present a uniform front for your company. Branding your product or services plays a crucial role in marketing successfully.

Rebranding creates a fresh identity for your company. It breathes new life into an old business that is losing its place in the market and it can also change the market perception of your products.

Say no to cheap branding and logos
When you decide to label your business and bring it under a brand name and logo, it makes sense to hand over this responsibility to a market specialist. Trying to figure out a solution using Photoshop will not work. Neither is it fruitful to solicit suggestions from your customers by holding contests to that end.

In most cases, these attempts will cost your business dearly as you will be seen as a struggling business trying to mirror the success of bigger businesses. And nothing puts your business down like a poor logo design. There are numerous logos out there. Consequently, if your logo resembles another company’s logo even unintentionally, it may run up your legal bills on the grounds of copyright issues.

The biggest disadvantage is that your company will not be able to increase its sales and market presence. Without clear branding and a definitive logo, you may lose existing clients and customers who may perceive your business to be unreliable.

Advantages of branding your products
Here are some reasons for you to invest more in quality branding and effective logos.

  1. It helps you come up with standards that all your products or services must meet in order to fit into the brand’s image.
  2. An original logo helps establish brand loyalty with customers.
  3. Combined with effective marketing techniques, it drives up your product’s popularity enough to show a sizeable hike in your sales turnover.
  4. It gives you an opportunity to diversify your business.
  5. It also gives you a chance to command a better price for your product or service.
  6. It can also help expand your business into new markets.
  7. Disadvantages of cheap branding
  8. Your business will be lost amidst the competition without a clear image for itself.

Constant rebranding in an effort to gain recognition will lead to huge expenses in the long run.

It can also make you lose existing customers who cannot keep up with your constantly changing brand name and logo.

Your business needs your time and attention for its growth. If you want to focus on expanding your business, you should spend more on quality branding and logo design services, and less on cheaper options that are sure to impede your growth.