Branding, updated

Rebranding your Business

What possibly started as a fledgling business has now spread its wings and grown into a robust enterprise. Now, you want your customers to renew their perceptions about your business, and not [...]

The High Cost of Low Quality Branding

Converting your product or service into a brand is sure to give your business the recognition it needs. A suitable logo design can take things further. Some of the biggest companies and [...]

The Effort of Branding or Rebranding Your Business

The standard theory of defining your business through your logo and pamphlets alone has been taken to a new level more recently.  Today the term “branding” is everywhere.  It means creating a [...]

Powerful Branding Is More Than A Logo

The framework of an efficient branding system is a vision. Vision is translated into a brand and that brand is used in various communication methods to project a message to a market and the [...]