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Social Media Marketing Newcastle

Social Media Marketing Simplified.

Are your competitors using a social media marketing application?

Chances are you don’t know! But if they are then maybe it’s time to catch up, or if they’re not then you can gain the advantage!

RETORT3 is a simple online social media marketing management system centered around the 3 most important platforms for business, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike other convoluted and confusing systems ours is so easy to use and can really help project your business as a leader in your sector, gain traffic and credibility, plus best of all the basic version is completely FREE! All of the features you’ll need are free and the upgrade (which you will trial for one month free) is only £10pm (or £7.50 annually) for some extra clever stuff – plus we can write your posts for you if you require, see the bottom of this page.

Unlimited Accounts

As many social media accounts as you want!

Connect all your social accounts in the free basic version. That’s right, for free. How nice are we?!

Content Research

Find great content to share, never be short of something to post EVER again!!

Find relevant content from Google, Youtube, Facebook, RSS feeds & Trending content.

This is really powerful! Just type in your relevant terms and the system shows the best & latest shareable related content available from the web.

Once you find something you like you can then schedule it to post when and where you like, without even leaving the page.

It’s simply awesome!

Schedule Your Posts

Schedule content for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Get well ahead of yourself and schedule all your social media posts for all your platforms for the week in a much shorter amount of time. The amount of time saved if added up over the year is enormous, our clients tell us they feel free now with RETORT3!

Schedule a month ahead, set and forget – post at weekends and when your on holiday, Bingo!

Image posting

Visual Composer

Give your image uploads the WOW factor with our easy to use visual composer tool.

Looking ‘the business’ gets traction. Traction is action. Action is traffic and traffic is what you want so get posting images!

Social Streams

Your own stream integrations.

See instantly your social streams in real time on one page (2 streams with basic).

No more logging into separate accounts (or having to log in and out of one platform if you have more than one account there, or using more than one browser to stay logged in) now you can see your streams and do everything in place, at once!


Statistics & analysis

Analyze Hashtags, Posts & Time periods.

Basic analysis in free version, more advanced in Pro. The biggest thing we’ve held back on with the free version is the stats, hey we have to have an incentive for pro and these boys took a lot of work to build!

As you get more into using the app you may want to see the results of your efforts and the insights from analysis can be very helpful to gain better results from your social marketing.

Stats the way to do it!!

social media marketing platforms app

Social Media Marketing Newcastle

Free lifetime account unless you choose to upgrade

We are sure you are going to LOVE your free account. If you should decide to upgrade to Pro at any time (no obligation) you’ll get access to even more awesome features for only £10 per month – just so you know we are not easing you into some big ticket sale here, we are very transparent. And if the price goes up in future, yours won’t. We also have a social posting service outlined below if you require further or complete help with your social marketing.

Enjoy using your social dashboard!

If you have any questions just get in touch at