Rebranding your Business

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What possibly started as a fledgling business has now spread its wings and grown into a robust enterprise. Now, you want your customers to renew their perceptions about your business, and not relate to you as the fledgling business you once were. One good way to project your newfound status is to rebrand your business.

Rebranding is the process of enhancing the image and building a more powerful identity for your company. Typically, you need to enhance your logo, formulate a powerful tagline, refurbish your business website and adopt a different approach for interacting with your customers. However, rebranding can be tricky because you could end up dissociating your customers from all the goodwill that you built over years. Rebranding needs to enhance your identity rather than creating a completely different image for your company.

So what are the benefits of rebranding?

The main benefit of rebranding is that it underlines your efficiency. Your growth speaks for itself, and customers trust you more. It generates a positive emotional reaction. Your business grows faster. Rebranding also helps build trust since it shows that you evolve with times. It makes your customers, business associates and employees take you more seriously and believe that you mean business.

Since customers have so much choice, they are not attracted to companies that are old- fashioned or seem lagging behind on any aspect. Customers today do not like to be associated with such companies either. So, something as simple as changing your old logo to a contemporary one impresses your customers more than flashy ad campaigns.

An edge over competition
Rebranding helps you leap several rungs up the competitive ladder. You can use rebranding to show your company as more powerful and competitive than before. The new image gives you a major edge over competition.

Evoking customer response
Every business has its ups and downs. If you have just emerged from a lean phase, rebranding is exactly what you need to prove that you are back in business. When implemented in the precise manner, rebranding does the most in getting back the customers you lost as well as attracting new ones. This also applies when your business has been through mergers, bankruptcy suits, legal complications or other such situations.

Establish your new focus and objectives
Rebranding helps you communicate the new focus and objectives of your business with customers as well as employees. When they see where your business is heading and if you can convince them that you are heading towards a golden future, both customers and employees stick with you.


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