• Agreed Proposal

    Our propsals for branding are estimated in accordance with your requirements and the size of your company. A brand is worth more to Nike for instance than to John the mechanic, but they both need a logo. With an agreed proposal we'll then schedule in your work.

  • Bespoke Creativity

    Those real pens again. We know that real individual and inspired design, especially in the realm of branding flows best from the pen, or crayon even. Whatever the tool however, it's all about good strong memorable ideas with us.

  • Vector Graphics

    When we've inspired ourselves with enough great ideas we take our best creative doodlings to the computer where they are evolved further into professional vector graphics.

  • Document

    We'll send you a branding approval document with at least 2 (or as agreed) different brand choices for your consideration. The document will be annotated with reasoning and the steps we took to achieve the creative ideas.

  • Feedback & Revisions

    You can then either choose one of the finished brands or give us feedback for us to consider. It's important we work together closely within the context of a strong designer and client relationship to achieve the best possible professional results.

  • Approval

    Once you are completely happy with your brand and have approved the final design then we will create separate file versions of full colour, black and white and greyscale in industry standard formats of pdf, jpg and png to be sent to you.

  • Brand Guidelines

    We can create a brand guidlines document for your company outlining the correct and incorrect uses of the logo and other brand elements. It's a great way to keep your brand integral accross all media within and outside of your organisation.

  • Brand Literature & Stationary

    A company with a strong brand and an ethos that needs explaining may have use for an internal brochure or booklet. We can also design your stationary, business cards and anything else for print with seamless integrity.