• Initial Contact

    Get in touch for a chat about your business or project by phone or email. We should be able to let you know immediately if we can help you and if so arrange further communication. We will be able to give you a ball park figure as to costs at this stage. Or feel free to tell us your budget, you'll be certain to get more value for it with us than anywhere else.

  • Communication

    If you're happy with our initial fee indication then we'll start to get to know exactly what your business is about. Understanding your business, sector, market, brand and goals are top of our agenda so we will generaly come to see you for an initial meeting or schedule further calls. Gaining a deeper understanding is what sets us apart from other agencies and it's critical for us to creatively engage your marketing objectives.

  • Thinking

    We'll take our understanding of your business and use our insight and experience of marketing to come up with creative solutions that will achieve your goals. These will be focused around your basic requirements if you enquired about something specific, such as a website, or more holistic if not.

  • Proposal

    We then filter down the best and most workable solution(s) to create a proposal of work and send it to you for review. You can then accept, sit on it for a while (we leave it open to accept for 3 months), work with us to change it or decline. There's no obligation and we're always grateful for the opportunity. To commence work we require formal agreement and a deposit.