Implementing Basic Copywriting Techniques that Generate Sales

 In Marketing

Copywriting is the talent of persuading your readers to buy the products you are trying to sell. It is used online in sales letters and ads. When you try to persuade your customers to purchase your products you must convince them that your products will either solve their problems, or give them a certain benefit.

Your prospects must follow a process that will lead them to purchasing your products in the end, as if this was an obvious conclusion.

You have to touch their emotions with your words. You cannot simply present your products’ features. Focus on the benefits your prospects will get when using these products. Understand their feelings, eliminate their fears. Make them feel that you know what they need.

Write as if you are addressing only one person, so that your words will communicate in a personal way. Your words must trigger the necessary emotions that will persuade your reader to take action. However, your attempt to induce him or her to do what you want must be hidden. This way, your reader will believe that he/she has concluded that you have offered the best solution for his problem, or that you will give him the necessary tools to achieve his goals.

Your position must seem to be neutral and informative, but all the while you will be gradually leading your prospect to take the action you desire, without it being a ‘hard sell’. Your reader should not feel that you are selling him something, but that he is very lucky because he has found a very smart solution that will really change his life.

Your headlines in ads and sales letters are very important. They must incite curiosity and promise great satisfaction. At the same time, they have to be very clear. For example: ‘Carefree Low Calorie Diet – Healthy and Tasty Recipes’. With this headline you are painlessly solving a problem. At the same time, you are explaining very clearly to your reader that your solution for losing weight is a series of healthy recipes, which are tasty. By showing him/her that this is a happy experience, and not a painful one, you immediately eliminate all fears. You are also explaining that this is a diet based on healthy recipes with low calories. He/she will lose weight by eating only low-fat foods. This will be a painless experience though, because your recipes are tasty.

When writing sales letters you should use one of the most successful copywriting techniques, based on telling a story to the reader. This story must be very personal, and related to the reader’s psychology. Always use the word “you”, as it intimately relates to the reader. Show great concern about your reader’s problem or ambition. Your mission is to give the reader the satisfaction they are searching for without imposing your points of view, and yet invisibly influencing their decisions.

Copywriting must necessarily be part of your marketing strategies. You will surely make money online if you implement very persuasive copywriting techniques. They will help you improve your ads and sales letters, thus generating a high conversion rate.

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