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Responsive Web Design in Newcastle

A responsive design fits conveniently into different devices, screen sizes or dimensions, be it a personal computer, a tablet or a smart mobile devices. This design adjusts and transforms layouts based on screen sizes without affecting the quality. Making a website design responsive has a great impact on SEO.

If you’re aiming for localisation of keywords, Responsive website design will help you improve the local search visibility for your site. As a result of the increased number of mobile phone users searching for local business directories, a responsive design will make it easy for Google to index that website for a good local search results position. On the other hand, when website pages are not mobile friendly, it’s going to give a poor user experience causing high bounce rate which will adversely affect your website position in search engines.

Developers that build independent mobile versions of a website are only duplicating the original content from the main website to the mobile version. This eventually brings about duplicate content and reduces the integrity of the mobile website in search engines.

Responsive Web design features just one URL for both the desktop and mobile visitors making it easy for Search Engines to crawl URL along with all its contents. Every on-site endeavour on desktop version is also applicable to the mobile version along with Meta tags, search engine friendly content and internal link-building structure. Likewise link building efforts will be maintained equally for both desktop and mobile versions with responsive web design. A Responsive website design helps business save money and time that would be been invested in developing a separate mobile website. Opting for responsive design saves extra costs on mobile development maintenance and support.

A non-responsive site will have unfavourable effects on your business, mainly because it won’t be able to compete with other websites in your niche that are already mobile friendly. A responsive design will make sure you gain a larger audience increasing your prospects of conversions. Responsive design will make you stay ahead of competition it’s an essential element that reduces development and maintenance costs and enhances search visibility and conversions.

Web designers in the past were faced with a major challenge, which is the ability to establish suitable functional responsive web development across different platforms and also retain the layout of the website across different website browsers. However with the dawn of smartphones along with people’s eagerness to access internet on their contemporary mobiles has revolutionised everything.

At this point the job before designers and developers will be to build a website that runs across all screen sizes and dimensions. That is what makes responsive website design very essential today. Responsive web design is focused primarily on designing and coding a web page in such a way that the website guarantees maximum user experience and convenient surfing across different devices. There are lots of misguided beliefs linked to responsive design which include the belief that it is expensive to setup. It requires money and time to build a responsive website when compared to a common website. However, you are saving huge cost directly since you won’t have to create separate websites for smartphones and other gadgets. Having a responsive website design is an investment that will greatly be of benefit over time. Responsive design is essential for good search engine optimization (SEO). As opposed to optimizing content for different web pages, with good responsive design you will get just a single website that will be handy to optimized and update for any kind of devices. The following are the benefits associated with responsive website for SEO:

• Ensures higher local rankings
• Increased Conversion rates
• Ensures Lower Bounce Rates
• A single URL available for all devices which will make it easy for Search engines to index
• Having a responsive website design attracts the love of Google and other search engines.

Responsive Web Design For Ecommerce

Responsive websites are highly advised for owners of ecommerce stores. Mainly because users prefer websites that can be accessed on any device, be it a computer or a mobile phone. Today, lots of individuals are surfing the internet from handy devices like Smartphones and responsive websites that are versatile in nature are most preferred.

Flexible websites: Websites built to be responsive will accommodate any screen size display. Gone are the days when websites were primarily intended for desktop computers. However with the introduction of smaller and light weighted devices, website designers felt the need to design websites that are adjustable and can be easily accessed from any device. And Responsive design came to their aid. Based on functionality factors, these web pages are more sophisticated than their precursors. All the common features of the websites can be easily located unlike desktop-only websites that were like maze games for most mobile website users.

Designers are not required to build multiple versions of a particular website. Supported by innovative resources and solutions, designers of today make certain that one website accommodates all screens and that notably reduce the cost involve in building a functional website.

Contents and images utilized on these websites are as well flexible with innovative technology and scope for greater modification or changes continues to be accessible for website support specialists.

‘Bounce Rate’ is the percentage of visitors accessing a website without completely or partly exploring it. Bounce rates increases as a result of numerous reasons such as poor navigation and sluggish loading of webpages. Responsive website design experts make sure that bounce rates are kept at minimum by making sure that navigation is straightforward and functionality of the website is not compromised.


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